Bachleda Resort Zakopane

The exhibition "Podhalanie"

The exhibition
We are happy to invite you to visit the new exhibition "Podhalanie" in the exhibition space at Bachleda Resort Zakopane.
"Podhalanie" is the title of an exhibition presenting the life and culture of Podhale inhabitants.
The open-air exhibition is located on the foundations of the former manor house in Zakopane Kuźnice (Kuźnice 1), in the hotel we present its fragments, at the same time encouraging you to see the whole. The idea behind the exhibition was to show the culture of the Highlanders of Podhale and the process of shaping their identity in close connection with the natural environment, i.e. the space of the Tatra Mountains, taking into account historical, economic and social conditions.
The exhibition narrative was based mainly on the statements and stories of the highlanders themselves. Giving the voice to the inhabitants of the region allowed them to familiarize themselves with the way they perceive and familiarize themselves with the surrounding reality, their relationship to the world of culture and nature, and to people, both local and outsiders.
Illustrative material - archival and contemporary photographs - is a parallel medium.
The exhibition has been constructed from 10 thematic blocks, corresponding to each other, in which the authors of the text try to capture an extremely extensive topic of Podhale culture and identity.
Exhibition initiator: Szymon Ziobrowski
Screenplay: Agnieszka Gąsienica-Giewont, Stanisława Trebunia-Staszel
Text: Agnieszka Gąsienica-Giewont, Stanisława Trebunia-Staszel
Field research: Agnieszka Gąsienica-Giewont, Katarzyna Gąsienica-Józkowy, Stanisława Trebunia-Staszel
Coordinator: Beata Bańka
Editing of the text: Paulina Kołodziejska
Portraits: Jacek Poremba
Photographs: private collections of the project participants, Adam Brzoza, Ośrodek Dokumentacji Tatrzańska im. Zofia Radwańska-Paryska and Witold H. Parisian Tatra National Park
Print: © Tatra National Park, 2020
Detailed information will be provided by the Reception. Contact phone: +48 18 20 23 100
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